1 click login with Putty

Putty is an SSH and telnet client. Use it to connect to your Linux server and you can control it just like using Windows Command Prompt to control your PC. It is lightweight, powerful, run fast and stable. I’m using it to manage my CentOS vps.  In this tutorial i will show you how to make it faster connects to your server. you can 1 click login with Putty. Just an easy small tip but really helpful. Download putty.exe to your computer and we ll create a short cut for it. Right click putty.exe and copy or press ctrl+C. Then right click where you want to put the shortcut  (may be Desktop) and chose paste shortcut. Yep i will rename it to “ root” mean that short cut to access as root

paste putty shortcut

paste and rename putty shortcut

Right click the shortcut icon and select Properties. In target fields i added

 root@ -pw 123456

We gonna change it to meet your server information.

  • Root is the Linux username of mine. Replace it with your Linux username.
  • is the IP of my server. Replace it with your server IP or domain (if you setup the domain Arecord with your server IP).
  • 123456 is my password replace with your.

Please don’t forget the space or it will not work correctly.
Finally hit OK to save close properties windows.

paste putty shortcut

paste putty shortcut

Now you can double click the shortcut to login to your server without enter username, password… save time and your energy.

putty windows loggedin

putty windows loggedin

Note: Use it with your own risk. This is not really secure. Do it if you sure it is safe to save the password in a shortcut in your desktop

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